Our Story

Black Label USA is in Maineville, Ohio and offers all-natural and handmade soaps, beard oils, bath bombs, bath salts and body oils. Our products are all made in the USA and we offer vegan, organic and natural options.

Like many in the handmade soap industry, we started with handmade soaps as a hobby to help with our family and friend’s dry skin issues and the desire to include more natural products in our own lives. After prompting from family and friends we began to sell our products and have continued to expand our product line via friends, family and customer suggestions and requests.

Originally, we started with our regular line of soaps and coffee scrubs geared toward the outdoors type like ourselves, but we’ve expanded our product line for all lifestyles and walks of life to enjoy.

We added our Premium line of soaps this summer with upgraded premium ingredients and recently added a hunter’s soap, beard oils and bath bombs along with a new addition for fall that includes body oils and bath salts and soaks. We will also be adding accessories such as soap savers, soap dishes, beard care kits and sugar scrubs to our scrub line before the holiday shopping season for 2018.

Every one of our soaps is made in the USA, they are made by hand, hand poured and hand cut. No factories, no machinery, just old-fashioned soap making. The goat milk and the honey used in our products are from small family owned farms, not factory farms or commercial suppliers.

All our products are preservative and chemical free other than the sodium hydroxide (lye) which must be used for the chemical reaction that produces soap.

Many of our soaps are vegan friendly, some are organic, and all are all natural.

While most our products have scents or natural colorants we offer two completely unscented and colorant free products for those with sensitivities, our Super Shea is a pure uncolored and unscented double shea butter soap and our Activated Charcoal soap is also an unscented and colorant free natural charcoal soap. If you need an unscented beard oil, just drop us a message here on our website or on Facebook or Instagram and we can do that for you! We don’t mind making a special formula just for our customer’s needs.